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Business Analyst

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Unpaid Internship to paid career:

A Business Analyst, or Business Systems Analyst, is responsible for assessing companies and coming up with solutions to company operations. Their duties include analyzing financial reports, market research and operating procedures, strategizing ideas to improve business operations and meeting with company executives and other stakeholders to provide suggestions based on their analysis.


If no experience, must have a Business degree or be a Junior or Senior in college with the following attributes:

  • Innovative

  • Independent worker

  • Fast-paced

  • Entrepreneur

  • Self-paced

  • Driven Business Analyst duties and responsibilities include:

  • Gather and analyze data for potential business expansion

  • Identify specific business opportunities

  • Influence stakeholders to support business projects

  • Assist with project management for selected projects

  • Coordinate with different departmental teams to produce better business outcomes

  • Test business processes and recommend improvements

  • Convert roadmap features into smaller user stories

  • Write clear and well-structured business requirements/documents

  • Identify automation opportunities

  • Create reports, dashboards and visualizations to understand business performance

  • Analyze process issues and bottlenecks and to make improvements

  • Communicate and validate requirements with relevant stakeholders

  • Develop and maintain reporting tools

  • Perform data discovery, analysis and modeling

  • Collaborate with product manager on roadmap planning and prioritization

About the Company

Fintech Startup

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